"ServiceMaster was wonderful! I had a fire in my house a week before Christmas and while my husband was battling cancer and they were wonderful to work with us and I can't say enough good things about them! They made every effort to get this done quickly and they were very considerate of our situation and they were easy to work with."

-Vickie F. 

"Excellent service and very customer-oriented."
-Glen Harris

"The crew that came out were hard working and professional and I am very pleased with their work" 
-Ryan R. 


"Supervisor explained what would happen during the restoratino process. The cleaners, especially Donna stayed fully engaged in their duties. They were pleasant, accommodating and professional." 
-Joseph G. 

"Our incident happened on Christmas Day and it was also snowing. We had water in our "finished" basement but thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The prompt service on a major holiday in the snow was absolutely wonderful. Shawne Wright, Water Restoration Specialist was caring, considerate and her personality was great and made this ordeal more bearable! Shawne and her team member were great to work with. We will continue to praise and recommend ServiceMaster to everyone!! Thank You ServiceMaster!"  

-Jan Bruce

"The team was very considerate with our needs. They were focused and ensured that all tasked work was accomplished in a timely and efficient manner"

-Simon R.

"Professional, empathetic and quick to respond. Alex and Mary were incredibly calm and helpful during a difficult time"

-Cheryl A.

"Quick response, nice and very understanding staff, great results."
-Peter Neufeld